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Why we have Guidelines

Each year, we receive more requests for worthy causes than we can support.

Funding is awarded depending on initiative targets, budget, quality of submission, other donations that have been made, etc.  Funding is solely at our discretion and subject to annual budget as approved by the board.  

What may be supported

While we do contribute to other causes, our primary focus is on initiatives that benefit youth in the communities in which we live and work. Ideally, we are looking for initiatives that make a long-term impact and activities or events must be linked to at least one of these areas to qualify for support:
  • Youth

  • STEM Activities or Programs

  • Indigenous Culture Activities

  • Healthcare Initiatives

  • Infrastructure Initiatives

We will consider larger commitments with payments spread to a maximum of 5 years and given the need, we consider requests from non-profit or charitable organizations a higher priority.
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What we have to pass on

Because we receive more requests than we can possibly fund, we have developed targets to help guide us on what causes our organization will support. We have also determined that we will pass on the following types of requests and/or costs:
  • Form letter appeals

  • Incomplete submissions

  • Applications received after the event takes place

  • Religious organizations or activities**

  • Political organizations or campaigns

  • Individuals

  • Sports Teams

  • Clubs

  • Class Trips

  • Publications / Video Productions

  • Event Program Advertising

  • Funds to cover debt / deficit

  • Previous recipients who neglected to provide post-event information

  • Projects ordinarily funded by local, provincial or federal government programs.

  • Salaries, admin fees or operating expenses

  • Travel & accomodations

Other considerations

All requests are reviewed by our sponsorship committee.
  • Requests above $5000 must be approved by our board and require at least 30 days notice before the event takes place.

  • Requests must be submitted in writing and follow our submission process & guidelines  (No form letters)

  • We require a post event report from groups or organizations receiving assistance, including photos of the event that can be used by Optek for promotional purposes.

How to apply

If you believe that your initiative fits with our mandate, we encourage you to apply. The following document outlines the process and minimum requirements for your proposal.
Download the Guidelines
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