Sustainable solutions

Because we care about our outdoors

Web designer in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert Photocopier is a Ricoh Eco Excellence Member.

Whether it’s recycling your used toner cartridges through the Ricoh Toner Bottle and Cartridge Return Program or advising you on upgrading your old copier to a more energy efficient Ricoh MFP, we are committed to environmental sustainability.

Going green with helpful tools

Helpful tips on saving energy, efficiency and reducing waste right on the display of the new Ricoh MFP products will help you work towards a sustainable future.

Document management

Digitizing paper invoices and receipts as well as storing digital receipts with the help of Content Central will keep all of your documents in one convenient, central place.

Toner bottle recycling

Instead of throwing them in the trash, Ricoh has a toner bottle and cartridge recycling program. You can also drop off your empty bottles with us and we’ll return them for you.

As an Eco Excellence Program member, Prince Albert Photocopier shares sustainability values with Ricoh. We are committed to reducing our own environmental impact and helping you do the same. When you work with PA Photocopier, you can be confident that we are “walking the walk” ourselves and putting sustainability efforts into practice. We are prepared to talk about sustainability, educate about best practices and lead you through the products, services and solutions that have environmental benefits.

Would you like to work with us to help your business create a greener business environment and work towards a healthier future?