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Why purchase a “Business Class” Laptop or Desktop when you can get a Consumer model for less from retailers?

It’s a good question, but it boils down to the differences between Business PCs and Consumer PCs, and there are many. And yes, if you buy directly from your favourite retailer, you will be getting a consumer PC. We always encourage our clients to purchase Tier 1 equipment. You get upfront advice from your service provider, PCs are prepped and ready to roll when they hit your office, and of course *ongoing management including warranties, software updates and security patches.


Business PCs:

  • Built to last. Business computers are built to last much longer, with higher quality components that are tested more rigorously.
    It’s expected they will get more wear and tear and need to last longer – not so with consumer models.
  • Ability to repair. Consumer models tend to have very short shelf lives. A given model might be available for no more than a year before a shiny new model replaces it. This means you can’t get replacement parts and your only option will be to replace, as opposed to repair which it typically more cost-effective.
  • More powerful. Business computers use far more powerful processors and graphics processing units, along with better cooling solutions and bigger batteries. That consumer model may look cheaper at first glance, but after the upgrades, not so much.
  • Better Remote Management. For most businesses, it’s essential that their IT service provider can manage their devices remotely.  Consumer models may lack the necessary technologies, or at the very least make it harder and more time-consuming – which means more cost to your business.
  • Better Security. Business computers have additional security features integrated into their hardware, from fingerprint scanners to smart card readers to encryption tools. Many even offer extra protection with their own security software solutions, not available on consumer models.
  • Less Bloatware. Bloatware is extra, non-essential software loaded on to the machine before you purchase because the vendors get paid for doing it. However, bloatware can carry significant privacy and security risks. Business machines have little to none.
  • Better Warranties. Business computers have better warranty coverage than consumer ones – for all the reasons listed above!

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