About Prince Albert Photocopier

Our Story

We entered the market in the early 1990’s as a copier company knowing technology would continue to evolve and lead us, but we never could have imagined the technology journey our company would travel, transforming us to where we are today.

Although we are proud of our transformation, the most rewarding part of our journey has been the opportunity we have been given to assist in our clients’ progression by sharing our technology path.

Service has always been a center focus of who we are.  Our team has developed from originally providing mechanical copier service to current-day where our system engineers provide digital, mobile, remote, and cloud-based solutions and support that transform the way we work.

Today, the complexity of technology, networking, cloud-based solutions, privacy, and modern security threats are some of the most important client concerns.  To that end, we partner with our clients to deliver industry-leading best practices and compliancies through our MSP (Managed Services Provider) program.

From the 1990’s mechanical copier, to the introduction of digital devices, servers and tablets, electronic document solutions, visual conference communication, centralized services, network administration, to professional services, on-line web development services, consultation and our in-house formal client training center, Prince Albert Photocopier is ready to assist you in nearly every technology area.

Our focus is still based on service, but our value offering has expanded by allowing clients to focus more on the growth of their business.  We accomplish this by removing  technology worries away from clients and  shouldering the responsibilities of ensuring that our clients’ technology is safe, compliant, planned and on the right path.  Our philosophy maximizes our clients’ investments in technology, and simply provides better business results.

We are proud to have developed “our company way”, our unique blueprint for delivering world-class IT support to our region.  We continue to learn and shape our technology journey through our association with our peers and top IT companies from around the world.

We owe a huge thank you to our surrounding communities and clients for joining us on this awesome journey.  We continue to be empowered by positively impacting the lives of our staff, inspiring the progression of our clients, and by being a reliable community partner.

Dan Fenton – CEO