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Network Services

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Not having a web-based backup system can lead your business down the wrong path. Relying purely on an onsite backup system not only puts your company at risk to lose its valuable data, but incur huge costs for recovery. Prince Albert Photocopier will provide the off-site web backup services you need to protect your data. Click to learn  more about how our staff can guide you to the right path. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “Good Partnerships, competitive pricing, feature rich, reliable equipment, and accommodating staff...”  “...professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process.” Learn More> UP AT 3am WITH A NETWORK FAILURE? YOU AREN'T ALONE. PRINCE ALBERT IS THERE FOR YOU WITH 24x7 SUPPORT. Our staff will be able to guide you through any challenge, day or night, big or small. Click to learn more about how our 24x7 end-to-end services Learn More Prince Albert Photocopier will ensure that your network  is monitored 24x7 to help you catch critical trouble spots in your network and prevent against future ones. Our team has the expertise and experience to aid you on-site or off-site.Click to learn more about how our experts answer the call to solve your networking challenges, in no time.
Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Why turn to the cloud?

As your business grows, so too does your infrastructure. In turn, you may be challenged to allocate additional resources to support the expansion of your technology. The costs for implementing new applications, purchasing supporting hardware, and maintaining the proper levels of cooling and additional energy to run these servers has created a nightmare scenario for IT departments everywhere.

Enter the cloud. With different software services available through a public network (via a high-speed internet connection) or a private network (via a company's intranet), cloud computing enables you to access your applications without relying on cost-crippling physical hardware and software. Moreover, needing enough onsite storage capability is no longer a concern, as the cloud supplies maximum capacity to host your applications and critical data.

The cloud is a service oriented structure, accessible from multiple locations, and it affords businesses the luxury of keeping their information offsite.

Among the many benefits of using Prince Albert Photocopier's cloud solutions include:

  • Cost reductions - fees only apply to your usage and subscription
  • Easy implementation - "service" is delivered over the web
  • High availability - applications will be available in a secure network
  • Reliable security - our cloud service ensures monitoring and encryption

Different Cloud Platforms

Cloud services do not come in one cookie-cutter package. There are multiple service options. Prince Albert Photocopier understands that your business could require the cloud to support distinct functions such as moving virtual servers off-site or accessing applications through the web.

Prince Albert Photocopier's IT Division offers your business secure and versatile cloud services for:

  • SaaS (software-as-a-service): Access applications online and on-demand
  • IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service): Virtual servers and storage online
  • PaaS (platform-as-a-service): Hosted software

A move to the cloud is imminent. Call one of our cloud specialists today and learn how you can successfully turn to the cloud!


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How does virtualization transform your IT environment?

As economic uncertainty has propelled your business to make tough decisions, one decision that should be apparent is the move to a virtual environment.

Virtualization is no longer a trend. It is a necessity. Businesses dedicate data centers and storage areas for their servers and other supporting equipment. The cost and energy that is wasted to keep these facilities running at the right temperature is staggering. Moreover, the necessity to store a high volume of physical servers has left IT departments scrambling for more floor space in their buildings.

By consolidating your servers through virtualization software, you can take a step towards cutting your annual expenses and energy consumption, and opening up more space. You can also lessen the burden placed on your overstretched IT infrastructure.

How your business benefits from virtualization

Virtualization transforms your inefficient, over-extended IT environment into a power-conscious, cost-saving environment by:

  • Consolidating multiple physical servers onto a partitioned, virtual machine
  • Transporting old hardware for reallocation or recycling
  • Increasing server utilization - static servers become more dynamic
  • Lowering overall IT TCO (total cost of ownership)

Don't let your business lag behind the move to a virtual world. Call one of our virtualization specialists today to learn how you can transform your IT environment!