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Network Services

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CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “Good Partnerships, competitive pricing, feature rich, reliable equipment, and accommodating staff...”    “...professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process.” Prince Albert Photocopier will ensure that your network is monitored 24x7 to help you catch critical trouble spots in your network and prevent against future ones. Our team has the expertise and experience to aid you on-site or off-site. Click to learn more about how our experts answer the call to solve your networking challenges, in no time.Learn More Not having a web-based backup system can lead your business down the wrong path.Relying purely on an onsite backup system not only puts your company at risk to lose its valuable data, but incur huge costs for recovery. Prince Albert Photocopier will provide the off-site web backup services you need to protect your data. Click to learn more about how our staff can guide you to the right path. UP AT 3am WITH A NETWORK FAILURE? YOU AREN'T ALONE. PRINCE ALBERT IS THERE FOR YOU WITH 24x7 SUPPORT.
Our staff will be able to guide you through any challenge, day or night, big or small. Click to learn more about how our 24x7 end-to-end services can help get your network back up and running.
Other Services

Web Backups

Life is full of mishaps, accidents and disasters. From earthquakes to broken pipes, from theft to disgruntled employees, your business must be prepared for unforeseen setbacks and major disasters. A remote back-up plan ensures that operations continue to run smoothly no matter the mishap.

Digital Video Surveillance

Prince Albert Photocopier not only provides cutting edge technology for your businesses network security, but we now offer that same quality and service in a digital surveillance security system. Optima DVR digital security surveillance systems harnesses the power of computer based video recording to bring you a reliable and affordable system that will meet the needs of any small, medium, or large business.

Our systems can include the following:

  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Secrurity Cameras
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Authentication Server
  • And much more

Points of Sales

Prince Albert Photocopier's Network Solutions Division provides Point of Sales systems (POS) which includes the petroleum industry. We also provide the installation, maintenance, hardware support, and on-sight training services for the POS solutions we provide.

Retail Products & Services

Prince Albert Photocopier is also a Motorola Dealer! We now have more solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. We have the products to do business smarter and faster than ever.

Services include:

  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Customer Solutions for Retail and Hospitality
  • Point of Sales Solutions

General Purpose Scanners
For any size company and any size budget

  • The general purpose scanner family from Motorola is designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs- with high-end feature-packed scanners for high-volume scan intensive environments to value priced scanners for small businesses.

Choose from:

  • A wide variety of price points to meet any budget.
  • A wide variety of advanced data capture options, scanning everything from canned goods & hardware to driver's licenses and patient ID wristbands, or capturing and transferring images.
  • A wide variety of models to meet your application needs - from corded and cordless to hands-free and handheld.