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Network Services

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UP AT 3am WITH A NETWORK FAILURE? YOU AREN'T ALONE. PRINCE ALBERT IS THERE FOR YOU WITH 24x7 SUPPORT.Our staff will be able to guide you through any challenge, day or night, big or small.Click to learn more about how our 24x7 end-to-end services can help get your network back up and running. Prince Albert Photocopier will ensure that your network is monitored 24x7 to help you catch critical trouble spots in your network and prevent against future 
ones. Our team has the expertise and experience to aid you on-site or off-site. Click to learn more about how our experts answer the call to solve your networking challenges, in no time. Not having a web-based backup system can lead your business down the wrong path. Relying purely on an onsite backup system not only puts your  company at risk to lose its valuable data, but incur huge costs for recovery. Prince Albert Photocopier will provide the off-site web backup services you need to protect your data. Click to learn  more about how our staff can guide you to the right path.Learn More CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “Good Partnerships, competitive pricing, feature rich, reliable equipment, and accommodating staff...”   “...professional, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout the entire process.”
Network Services

Prince Albert Photocopier's straightforward approach to Information Technology solution delivery logically integrates best-in-class Information Technology services from end-to-end and helps you build and maintain the optimal IT environment by making it easy for you to select the solutions you require.

Each solution within our model is fully customized and ensures the business requirements of your organization's unique needs are most effectively achieved. This is achieved by adherence to our exclusive Consult-Build-Deploy-Run methodology, the foundation behind every Prince Albert Photocopier IT deployment.

Computer Server

  • Consult: We analyze your business requirements and develop a strategic plan to meet the identified needs.
  • Build: We translate your business requirements into a functional specification that guides the development of the solution.
  • Deploy: We implement and test using industry-leading technologies and proven best practices.
  • Run: We ensure your solution continues to function effectively through access to comprehensive maintenance and support plans.

The result will be an infrastructure that will optimally support your future business objectives.

What we do best

Our team of consultants is certified and has the experience you need to tackle any infrastructure need. Whether your next project is to consolidate your servers or desktops through virtualization; host applications via the cloud; or set up additional remote or on-site technical support, Prince Albert Photocopier has you covered.

We offer you the best in customized services for:

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services
  • Secure Off-site Web Backups
  • Network Administration


Our Information Technology Specialists bring over seventy five years of combined experience to the Network Solutions Division at Prince Albert Photocopier. Each specialist brings proven abilities in varied technical environment training.